Back in June, earlier this year, we rhapsodized about Chef James Holmes of Olivia and what to expect from his newest venture; Lucy’s Fried Chicken. In a surprise the article went straight to the moon in page views showing that this venture was certain to well received. The link is here

We rolled by earlier today to check out the building and make a picture of the sign that greets Congress Avenue drivers. The sign is not without controversy as we’ve noted outrage amongst some of Austin Texas feminist bloggers.

We’ll leave that tussle to the Betty Friedan crowd as the only thing about the restaurant that makes us raise our eyebrows is the pricing. $11.75 for a grilled cheese strikes us as being a mite dear as does $23 for a bucket of chicken.

Maybe if we hit the big time we’ll be able to get by there one of these days but for now we’ll just stick with getting our fried chicken fix from Galloway Soul Food over on e.12th st.

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