Former Austinite and University Texas grad Craig White recently flung the doors of his Texas smokehouse; White Smoke, open in Tokyo Japan.

We’ve been wanting to get over that way for awhile and it’s looking like we’ve got a good excuse now.

White had his custom smoker built in Houston and shipped to Japan where he hired David Schlosser and Jamie Williams to man the kitchen. We love Mr. White’s quote on Texas barbecue “Texas barbecue is all about smoke, low and slow cooking of meat by smoke. I think most barbecue places focus on pork and that’s because it’s easy.”

A pork shoulder is much more forgiving than a brisket mainly due to it’s high fat content. An hour here or there on a giant hunk of pork doesn’t affect the meat nearly as much as on a brisket.

Anybody in Tokyo reading this site?

Please get at us and let us know how the brisket is at White Smoke.

And good luck to Craig White on his new venture.

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