Who in their right mind thought this would be a good idea?

Cameras covertly placed at the Austin bar or nightclub you’re preparing to enter scan your face, eyes, nose and facial structure so that they may determine sex and age.

The information is then disseminated through network infrastructure so that smart phone bearers with the appropriate app can determine whether the crowd at the bar is male or, if female, composed of cougars, sabre tooths or even the much sought after “wildcats.” We’re surprised the app doesn’t include race. That way if there are a bunch of crackers sitting around swilling Budweiser the smart phone could warn you off the place.

Now that SceneTap’s got the ball rolling how long before some neanderthals with high algorithm crunching skills create just that?

Like hanging out exclusively with your own race? We bet there will be an app for that hot on the heels of SceneTap’s invention.

Why do we keep picturing Matt Damon hacking into SceneTap and going into kill mode in a mashup of Tron and the Bourne series with a little Enemy of the State thrown in for good measure.

Do you want to end up in a dash for your life down some god forsaken alley with Tommy Lee Jones hot on your trail?

Seems like the days when we used to just sit back on a patio eating queso and listening to Billy Joe Shaver are about all gone.

How long before SceneTap starts uploading photos to a central server where they can then be mated with Facebook’s recently announced facial recognition technology.?

A quick scan of your facebook friends network could then tell you what bars they’re in and who they’re hanging out with. Foursquare was a preface to this entire affair. You can always tell when someone is boring beyond reasonable measure when they crow about how they’re at a barbershop, shopping mall or diner via Foursquare.

We’ll be providing our readers with a list of bars in Austin that have signed onto Scene Tap so they’ll be able to avoid them at all costs.

What are your thoughts on Scene Tap’s facial recognition technology cameras?

Would you willingly go into a bar that condoned a business like this conducting their affairs in such a manner?

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