If you put “the best tacos in town” on a giant sign on top of your taco truck then all reasonable care should be taken to assure your diners that good tacos will be forthcoming from your kitchen.

Not so at Gonzalez Tacos, a little cart up on Rundberg lane barely on the west side of I-35.

We’ve been drinking good and hard at Mickey’s for the last few hours when it dawns on us that sustenance is required. We pile into the Econoline and gas on it southward passing several, shuttered for the night, taco wagons. I remember Rundberg Lane being promising on a recent late night tilt so we mosey over that way and lo and behold; Gonzalez Tacos is open for business. It’s 23 degrees outside so we grab our order and hunker down in the warmth of the van.

The corn tortillas are homemade but have the mouthfeel of having been subjected to a microwave. They are not good.

We order a variety pack of 4 tacos and not one is remarkable. The little plastic bags of salsa pack plenty heat but had no lingering complexities that are the benchmark of a good saucier.

Service is good. The man and woman running the cart are friendly and happy to see us. Since this will be our only visit this is the memory that shall sustain us.

Best tacos in town?

Not even close.

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