Slow month at the Scrumptious site. We managed to get up 76 articles in the last 30 days on the burgeoning Austin Texas food scene but that’s barely a days work by our normal standards. Hope to get back into the heavy writing soon. Bear with us.

Now, onto the top 5 food articles we wrote this week. As always, determined by view count.

1] We take a lot of photos for the RL Reeves Jr concerns and this one, of a pensive waitress at the closing of a local steakhouse, is one of our all time favorites. 2] We’re always prowling around Austin looking for high level Mexican cooking and we found a particularly good rendition here

3] We were following Eater Austin editor JW Walthall’s vacation tweets one minute then the next minute we were reading about his getting offed from his job in favor of former Eater Dallas editor Andrea Grimes. Y’all must have thought this was a hot topic as page views went to the moon–Laughs-JW-Walthall-We-Hardly-Knew-Ye-Changing-Of-The-Guard-At-Eater-Austin

4] The US government has Austin based Whole Foods in their sights. Lawsuit dust-up

5] A fan of the Houston food scene wrote in to let us know we were wrong about our assertion that Austin is more praiseworthy. We assigned senior staff writer RL Reeves Jr to the task of settling the affair

Last week’s top 5 food stories out of Austin right this way–December-4th-2011

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