Splendid meal at Odd Duck Farm To Trailer last evening. Word’s out; the little food cart that put Austin on the map for local sourcing is shuttering. Rumor has it that a brick and mortar may be in the works in 2012.

We wait with bated breath.

The importance of what Odd Duck accomplished can not be overstated. Bryce Gilmore introduced an ethos to modern Austin that had been here in fits and starts but had not been done to such extremes. If Chef Gilmore can’t get his provisions in the central Texas region they do not go to table.


This creed seems limiting but it’s actually enabling. By keeping bullshit purveyors out of his kitchen Gilmore’s food soars heavenward. Outside of East Side King and Three Little Pigs this was where the conversation started for intensely delicious, local cuisine.

Notwithstanding Chef Yolanda Cornejo over at El Taco Rico of course. That lady is on an entirely different plane when it comes to celestial Mexican foods.

We’ll miss Odd Duck. We’ll miss Hillary the friendly counter girl, we’ll miss Dylan, Bryce Gilmore’s little brother who filled the breech when Bryce hit the big time with Barley Swine, but most of all we’ll miss the food. The outrageous, profanely wonderful food that came smoking out of south Austin and put Austin’s food trailer scene on the national map.

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Rest In Peace Odd Duck Farm To Trailer.

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