We’ve expressed our love for Takoba on many occasions. It’s heartening to see a new Mexican house doing things right and not taking the shortcuts so many joints in Austin do as their kitchens half ass it day in and day out.

El Tacorrido on north Lamar is where Jose De Loera, owner of Takoba, plied his trade for years before getting Takoba up and running.

Takoba exploded and El Tacorrido now has 3 locations up and running with the newest being a small, drive through on South First street at the corner of Oltorf. We spotted it today when we were running down to John Mueller’s joint for a meat lunch.

With visions of the best barbecue in Austin dancing we had to keep right on going but this new store of De Loera’s should do just fine in the old Baby Greens location.

Hope to have a full report soon.

Has anyone been to the new El Tacorrido? How was the chow?

relevant http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/7/10/Austin-Daily-Photo-Takoba-Sunday-July-10th-2011



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