We’ve been writing a lot about La Fruta Feliz these past few months as they’ve steadily clambered higher and higher in the Austin taco hierarchy.

We’re searching for a weak spot. Other than a couple missteps they are breathing in some rare air over here in East Austin. They have the second best goat tacos in town http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/?p=1459, the agua fresca is the best in Austin, corn tortillas are scratch and made per order, as in, when you order a taco the prima makes the tortilla…from scratch….for your taco.

In an Austin where too many lazy ass taqueros and taqueras run by the supermarket on the way to work, grab a couple bags of tortillas and then spend the rest of the day just sort of phoning it in, well, it’s a real pleasure to eat the product of a proud Mexican kitchen.

No half assing it around here.

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