The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has sued Austin Texas based Whole Foods over the grocery chains firing of a worker at a Miami Beach location.

The suit seeks to have the worker reinstated, along with back wages, after the worker was fired for expressing distress over a raw sewage leak at the store.

A sewage line had ruptured at the market and was spilling into the cheese section as well as the restrooms. After a day of no corrective action taken by management, the worker then called the companies anonymous tip line to report the problem. 4 days later the employee reported the leak to another manager. The worker was then fired for “allegedly making false and malicious statements”

This is where the feds come in.

Teresa Harrison of OSHA “These types of allegation are very thoroughly investigated and employers violating the whistleblower protection provisions of the OSHA act are held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Sounds like they’re serious.

Once we start pulling in 6 figures we can’t wait to get over to Whole Foods and lay in some groceries. We’ve been a few time and marveled over the price of a sack of potatoes or a bag of chile peppers.

They’ve got some fancy foods over that way.

We’ll keep y’all posted on the outcome of this lawsuit.

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