A bruised and bloodied JW Walthall has been thrown off the 35th floor balcony of the sumptuous Eater Austin corporate suite at the Austonian in downtown Austin.

We’re certain tomorrow’s Statesman will have a screaming 50 point type headline in tomorrow’s paper “WALTHALL OUT GRIMES IN”

Or something to that effect

It seems like it was only yesterday that our town welcomed JW as the new Eater editor http://austin.eater.com/tags/jw-walthall as Paula Forbes, the Wisconsin fireball, was kicked upstairs to Eater National.

Walthall didn’t last long. Andrea Grimes of Eater Dallas who made waves in that town by riding around in an Eater Dallas stretch Jag with a brace of Irish Wolfhounds, is officially replacing the short term JW as of today December 7th 2011.

Read all about it below.


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