Since most barbecue houses of great repute in Central Texas don’t even bother with chicken we have to smoke our own.

A family pack of chicken thighs submerged in a brine of sea salt, bay leaves and turbinado for a day or two then slow smoked over hickory for a few hours is one of the great pleasures.

Daubed with a little Archibald’s sauce or hacked up and integrated into a king ranch casserole or perhaps used for our “best chicken salad you will ever put in your mouth” recipe, it’s just plain good eating.

Of course if time is of the essence you can run down to Sam’s barbecue on e. 12th street and get a fine half bird for about 5 bucks. Archibalds–Archibalds-Barbecue–Wednesday-January-5th-2011

King Ranch

Chicken Salad


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