The Austin Chowhound board is a gift that keeps on giving. Yes, scrumptiouschef was removed by a top ranking official at CBS corporation but we are still active on the site, we don’t contribute per se, we merely observe and report.

This is the site feature where we harvest the best of a full week of Chowhound Austin’s posts and report them to our readers. While Yelp sees as much activity in one hour that Austin Chowhound does in a full week, we still manage to find enough for a brief synopsis. Without further ado. Here’s the top 5 and as always, your comments are crucial to this feature.

1] Poster Amysuehere is a true veteran. We’ve enjoyed her work for years, she had a query for the board:

“I’m looking for a chile relleno made like they do in El Paso (I’m a bit homesick for the food).

What I want is a cheese-stuffed chile that has an egg batter and is then deep fried and has a red (or green) sauce over it and then baked with more cheese on top.”

Bear in mind that this post was started in 2002, this was back when Chowhound was like the wild wild west. Everybody was posting and the site was growing daily.

Poster “charlie71” had this to say “el sol y la luna has a 6.99 special for chili rellenos very similar to what you describe on thursdays – poblano pepper stuffed w/ cheese, egg batter, red sauce”

That sounds delicious. We remember way back when in the late 90’s when we penned “Insider’s Guide To Austin” and were marveling over the bacon,egg and cheese breakfast tacos at el sol y la luna. They careened downhill since then.

Since we’re not big on chile rellenos we turned to an associate who had this to say. Cindy “the best in town for my money come from Little Mexico on South First st., they exhibit a deft hand with the fryer and the cooked down sauce they blanket the chile with is superb”

Thanks Cindy. Readers: Where do y’all get your chile relleno fix?

2] Poster “ieatthereforiam” brought up The Mediterranean Chef Cafe, a new cafe off Koenig Lane.

He had this to say “Apparently this place has been open for a couple of months, but I just noticed it last week. It is on Aurora, a dead end street off Koenig a couple blocks west of lamar. Menu has most of your typical stuff for this sort of joint: baba, hummus, chicken/beef/lamb gyros, dolmas, spinach spanks, filo meat pies etc…”

The rumor mill has been buzzing about this guy for awhile now but we haven’t made it up there just yet.

Apparently the chef is from Istanbul which makes us weak in the knees at this site. We dearly love the city. Here’s a compendium of crucial Istanbul Turkiye food/drink articles

Who’s been to the Mediterranean Chef Cafe? How is the cuisine?

3] Poster “willtryanythingonce ” is curious about Fish Head Curry, apparently he saw the Bourdain episode awhile back that featured the dish. He had this to say “Who does fish head curry well in Austin? ”

Two of the very best posters responded.

First up “lixlix”: “Maharaja Indian Cafe on Spicewood Springs does serve a Goan Fish Curry but currently I don’t know of any restaurant that serves a fishhead curry.”

Then “carter b”: “I’ve had the fish curry at Maharaja and it didn’t knock my socks off but was good. Bombay Bistro at Braker/183 also offers a fish curry that I have not had. ”

Readers? Where are y’all getting your fish head curry fix these days?

4] Poster “rudeboy” another favorite of scrumptiouschef, was in get out the vote mode over Pappy’s (Burnet and 2222), a restaurant where the desperate owner is playing his guitar on the roof to try to drum up business.

We know the location and it is a graveyard for restaurants. We used to live in those parts and have seen many,many restaurants fail there.

Poster “bubbleboy79” had this to say “Went today with a friend. The food is indeed served cafeteria-style, but isn’t bad for what it is. Everything’s made in-house, and the cost for a protein and two sides with an iced tea was $10 even. I’d recommend the chips and mashed potatoes (new potatoes, skin mixed in)”

We’ll stick with Galloway Soul Food when we get in the mood for a meat and two in Austin. We love the family, the food is great and it’s two dollars cheaper.

We’d love to hear from somebody who’s eaten at Pappy’s though.

5] In a sad,sad bit of news a poster name “uni eater” is planning on spending a week in Austin and wanted recommendations. He posted 4 days ago and not a single hound replied. Perhaps this article was right after all

Maybe “uni eater” will join yelp, jump on roadfood or find one of the dozens of Austin blogs that are running roughshod over Austin’s Chowhound board.

Here’s last weeks look at Best of Chowhound

and our obituary for the Austin Chowhound board

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