We lauded Muscle Maker Grill’s extraordinary marketing savvy when they announced their penetration of the Austin Texas market with a location downtown and right around the corner from Iron Bear gay leather bar.

We figured it was a natural fit. The muscled up hunks at Muscle Maker Grill could rotate up to the Iron Bear for a post meal cocktail and sweaty dance session with the hairy biker he bears at Iron Bear. Match made in heaven we reckoned.

But hot off the PR wire this morning, founder of the concept Rod Silva had this to say “The location of the restaurant is ideal for students attending the University of Texas that are looking for quick, high protein meals to give them the energy they need for classes and studying.”


Austin’s Muscle Maker Grill is located at 906 Congress Avenue, miles away from the University of Texas. How many UT students are going to take a break from studying or pounding beer at Posse East to gather their textbooks, wrestle their auto from a precious parking place, drive downtown, circle around for a half hour, finally find a parking place, pay and THEN eat a lunch.

Short answer: None.

It’s not going to happen. Native Texan Matthew DeLeon is the franchisee for the great state. He had this to say:

“I am confident that Muscle Maker Grill is a perfect fit for Austin and Dallas, where the residents are very active and health-conscious. There is an endless amount of outdoor activities in both cities and people are always riding bikes, kayaking, or running to stay in shape.”

Can’t believe he left out how hungry you can get from a vigorous dance session at Oil Can Harry’s or Rain. Muscle Maker Grill should make major bank from the clientele of these and all other Austin gay bars.

Too bad The Cockpit and The Toolbox had to shutter. DeLeon could’ve really enhanced their revenue by creating cross promotions at these two nightclubs.

Scrumptiouschef is very popular in the gay community. We called a few of our friends who are prominent in the scene to find out how they liked the food at Muscle Maker Grill but none had actually tried the chow.

We’re eagerly awaiting reviews.

Welcome to Austin Muscle Makers. We hope to venture down there soon and see what all the fuss is about.

relevant http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/8/26/Muscle-Maker-Grill-Invades-Austin-Wisely-Chooses-Location-Near-Iron-Bear-Leather-Bar

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