Yesterday morning, Thursday November 24th 2011, Sambets Deli, a Cajun restaurant off 183 North caught fire during their annual deep frying of the turkeys Thanksgiving Day ritual.

It took firefighters a half hour to put the blaze out.

One firefighter had to be taken to the hospital, he is expected to recover. We had a friend in the kitchen at Sambets in the early double aughts. When we inquired as to the chow he was frank “don’t bother”. We squelched our plans for a visit.

Upon further inquiries he acknowledged the use of jarred roux, a product we did not even know existed. The chutzpah to put the word “Cajun” in your restaurant name and then use a convenience product in one of the most crucial elements of the cuisine is depressing.

News reports estimate damage to be at 300k which seems substantial.

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