We have a life long love of gators.

Perhaps this was brought on by old actioners like Alligator [screenplay by John Sayles!], the incredible 80s film wherein a beastly, 36 foot long gator attacks a stretch limo and occasionally erupts out of the Chicago sewer system to devour unwary residents of the Windy City. We just don’t know.

Farm Pride Louisiana Alligator Sausage

Farm Pride Louisiana Alligator Sausage

Of course we also grew up eating the stuff in the form of “gator on a stick” at county fairs and what have you. It’s delicious by any metric. Our plan to stock one of the ponds on our family farm however was met with disapproval by RL senior.

He weighed their ability to provide meat versus their ability to provide a formidable challenge to his fishing from the bank of the pond and flatly said “no”.

We’ve been waiting for a good cold snap so we could hit the kitchen and knock out a batch of Red Beans And Rice With Smoked Gator Sausage but since we’re still running the a/c and it’s right at Thanksgiving time we decided the wait is over and today is the day.

Here’s our recipe for Red Beans And Rice With Smoked Gator Sausage.


2 lbs Sausage, Alligator, smoked, chopped

2 lbs Beans, Red, Kidney, Camellia is the best brand

4 each Onion, Yellow, Sweet,chopped

6 each Chile, Poblano, chopped

1 each Chile, Habanero, minced

1 each Garlic, bulb, minced

1 each Celery,bunch, ribs, chopped

4 qts Stock, pork preferably but chicken will do


* Bring stock to boil with kidney beans, reduce to simmer

* Cook your trinity [onion,celery,poblano]

* We start by cooking the onion for a half hour, then add celery,Poblano and Habanero

* Cook for half hour more

* Add garlic and sausage

* Cook 15 minutes

* After beans have been cooking for 1 hour add your Trinity/sausage mix

* Cook til beans are tender

* Typically one more hour

Tasting notes:

Yes, bell is the traditional pepper but it is inferior to Poblano.If you’re dead set on using bell go right ahead.

Cayenne is the traditional chile used in this dish and we love it but the fruity hot Habanero loves the deep flavor of alligator. They make a lovely couple.

We don’t soak beans. If you do then your cook time will be dramatically shortened.

Obviously you’re going to want to serve this recipe over rice.

Here is an insanely delicious Cajun style rice recipe

and our primer on homemade stock too

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