We’ve searched for years for the best Central Texas barbecue hot guts sausages and we have our favorites. Thankfully, here in Austin, we’re just a short drive to the hot guts temples in Lockhart, McMahan, Taylor and Elgin but after 20 years of visiting we felt it was time to show and prove and make a batch ourselves. Pictured is batch #3. We were flying blind on batch one, all we knew was that we needed hog casings, pure beef and chile peppers.

Batch #2 was better but still not even close to the magnificence of local stalwarts like John Mueller barbecue down in South Austin. As far as we know he’s the only pit boss in Austin proper who makes them from scratch each morning.

Batch #3 we damn near knocked out of the park. Secret? We quadrupled the fat content from that of batch one. A good hot gut should spray everybody within ten feet if you just abandoned-ly chomp in with gusto.

Need more knowledge of the pantheon? http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/?cat=67

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