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Now let’s get cracking: Here are snippets from our top 5 picks from the Austin Chowhound board this past week.

1] Poster “Lloyddaniels” wanted to know where to find the best pizza in Austin.

Best response: poster “scrumptiouschef” who had an important warning.

I’ve only had two amazingly bad meals in Austin.Ever.Yes,I’ve eaten more than my fair share of mediocre food but recently I had a meal so bad that I really questioned whether I would ever eat again.Surely a slow death by starvation would be preferable to eating more than once at Red House Pizzeria on Manor Road.

second best response from poster bassmangotdbluz

I recent worked downtown on a sunday night and stumbled upon “Hoboken Pies”. When I walked in, the smell was on track; the slices are tastey but way too expensive for the tiny size and extremely skimpy top with more than 2 inches of crust between sauce and edge.”

Anybody with more thoughts on “best pizza in Austin?

2] Poster “Alex613” wanted to know where to find real barbecue in Austin.

Best response was from “stellawine”

“Brisket? Ya gotta go to House Park BBQ. 900 W. 12th Street …Pork Ribs? 2 styles available @ the quintessential SoAustin Artz Rib House. Will be MOBBED during ACL….For a great Eastside Austin rib experience, don’t miss Sam’s (Mutton ribs to DIE for) or a recent find of mine ……Seek out Lewis BBQ, Waaaay East MLK, super tender/smoky pork ribs, ask’ em for sauce-on-the-side….”

second best response came from “Nosh”

“We did a family tasting of Austin BBQ last Labor Day and the winner, by far, was Sam’s. No ambience, very divy. But the brisket was smoky, tasty, tender and moist, with crusty edges.”

Any readers care to discuss their picks for local barbecue?


3] Poster “scrumptiouschef” was looking for goat tacos in Austin Texas

“After eating a brace of goat tacos at La Fruta Feliz this week it set me to thinking. Are there 7 places in Austin serving goat tacos? Where are y’all going to get your goat fix these days?”

Best response from poster “JoeMacBu” I’ve been getting cabrito at El Borrego de Oro, but that’s just a quick fix. A friend likes the goat tacos at Taco More.

Any readers care to discuss their favorite source for goat tacos?


4] Poster “chandavkl” talked about fish skin fish dumplings at Ivy’s Deli located in the same plaza as Asia Cafe:

“Imagine my surprise then when I walked into Ivy’s Deli and saw fish dumplings on the menu. My surprise escalated when I found out that the thick wrappers were fish skin wrappers, i.e., wrappers that looked like regular flour dumpling or wonton wrappers, but which were made of some kind of fish flour, giving a chewy, almost elastic quality. Fish skin wrappers are rare in the US……”

Best response came from poster “Carter B” Thanks to Chandavkl we made it to Ivy’s for the fish dumplings today and they are as knockout as described….”

Any of our readers tried these? We’d love to hear from you

5] Poster “symbiosisOO” wanted to know where to get the best eggroll in Austin.

Best response came from “scrumptiouschef” who had this to say; “Kim Phung on N.Lamar has big,ultra meaty [more meat than vegetable] deep-fried egg rolls that are my favorites out of the local restaurants. Greasy and bordering on soul food for depth of flavor.”

second best response came from poster “homero” who posited:

“I am almost embarrassed to say that I was addicted to the eggrolls from the food cart that used to stand in front of Littlefield Fountain on campus. Of couse it was probably because of the toxic amounts of MSG, but I do remember the eggrolls being homemade.”


Whew, that was a lot of work.

It’s always good to get caught up on the happenings in the Austin food community.

We look forward to hearing from you. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out Austin’s chowhound board


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