When our affairs of the day carried us to Parmer Lane recently we wanted to make the most of it. It’s not often we make our way to the southern edges of Dallas so we felt it was incumbent that we either eat, drink or do something beneficial to our humor.

Score. Parmer Lane Tavern sits quietly in a strip mall a few blocks east of the old Missouri Pacific line. Walking up we note the extreme use of total black-out tint on all the windows facing toward the parking lot. This is something we always enjoy in our bars as it affords us a degree of privacy that lends added comfort to our tippling.

This tavern is quite large with vaulted ceilings soaring upwards to great effect. A poker table greets you as you walk in and each seat is taken as the assembled drinkers are hot after a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Normally this is the moment when we bull our way in and make like Texas Dolly as we relieve the locals of their paychecks. But we don’t have the time for a spirited game so we continue deeper into this cozy den.

We always ask for a cold Pearl beer when we walk into a Texas bar room. We like to see whether the establishment’s bona fides are in order or not before we settle in for a good session of imbibing.

The girl bartender makes a face. “Uh, the closest thing we got to that is a Lone Star”.

Nice save. Lone Star is always a good second choice. No, it does not have the rich history of Pearl [ drunk by Texans since 1886 ] but it still has a good 70 or so years of consumption under its belt and it will serve nicely in a pinch.

Since we know where the fun lovers always are we ask after a patio section and quickly make our way out back where, sure enough, a good group of merry makers have gathered to drink and partake in some tobacco.

We proceed to have ourselves a time with this band of drinkers. Everybody’s good and friendly chatting amongst themselves and more than happy to welcome a stranger into their midst.

A big, fancy smoker is off to one side with some delicous smelling smoke rolling off it. Inquiries confirm that hot meat will be coming off shortly and everybody’s welcome to partake while the football Longhorns dust off whoever’s unfortunate enough to step onto the field of Royal Stadium this evening.

But we have an appointment so we have to beg off in spite of the bewitching smells.

Parmer Lane Tavern is just the kind of watering hole we like. It’s big yet cozy, it’s a dive bar but it’s clean, there are pool tables [burnt orange!] and a stage for a honky tonk band to clamber upon and ply their trade.

If we find ourselves up in north Austin again anytime soon we know where we’ll settle in for a nice session of cold beer and genuine camaraderie.

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