Sometimes you don’t have an entire day to simmer a kettle of hog bones and convert them into a delicious, soul satisfying batch of homemade pork stock. You have to hit the kitchen like a runaway freight, get the recipe started and get back out so you can attend to the affairs of the day.

That’s when we reach for the Kuhn Rikon, the Cadillac of pressure cookers. This crucial piece of kitchen ware enables us to cut our kitchen time by well over half and have the backbone of our recipes, homemade stock, ready for use in no time flat. As we type this, this magnificent vessel is filled with a giant, aged, Tennessee country ham bone, celery, onion and bay leaves. It’s on the “candle” stage of cooking, the pressure is intense but all it takes to power the process is the tiniest of flames.

This is the nature of pressure cooking.

Here’s our recipe for Simple Easy And Quick Pressure Cooker Pork Stock


1 each Bone,Ham, Country [alternately use 2lbs Pig’s feet]

1 each Onion, yellow, 1015, roughly chopped

1 each Celery, butt end as well as flowers from bunch, use ribs for other purpose

2 each Bay leaves

1 T. Peppercorns, black

3 quarts Water, municipal


* Combine all ingredients in pressure cooker

* Carefully close lid

* Turn fire up good and high

* When the little gauge pops up, reduce heat to candle level

* At 1 hour mark shut heat off


You now have a quick and easy batch of homemade stock that will allow you to seriously up your game in the kitchen

As always, either wait for pressure cooker to simmer down before opening or use quick release method wherein you run cool water around the rim of the cooker for a couple minutes til the gauge collapses

If you’ve got a little extra time you could bring bring the stock to a boil for a half hour or so after straining it out

This will magnify the flavors

Enjoy your delicious stock

Here’s the slow version that makes the house smell so good it will drive you wild.

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