Come take it.

Peta’s always in the news. The national animal rights concern is masterly at keeping its name on the top of mastheads in newspapers around USA.

But then they came to Texas where they are scrambling to gain purchase.

We aren’t privy to the machinations the braintrust at Peta went through prior to their proposal offering a free, vegan Thanksgiving day feast for the citizens of Turkey, Texas. Of course the devil is in the details and in exchange for the feast Peta offered a proviso that the town change its name to Tofurky. Lord knows we would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall in that boardroom meeting. Here’s a great quote from Peta HQ: “Thanksgiving is murder on turkeys,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “By changing its name to ‘Tofurky,’ Turkey would send a clear message that delicious, savory mock meat is an easy way to celebrate without causing suffering-and give a bird something to be thankful for.”

We’re not buying it nor was the town of Turkey, Texas.

A team from news affiliate WTOC fanned out across the city offering tofu to the citizenry and garnered these responses:
“To change the name because of PETA – the name’s not hurtin’ anything.”

“I’ve eaten tofu. I’m not a fan.”

“This is more or less a beef and potato place.”

“It’s a proud little town. I wouldn’t see them changing their name for a day.”

“There’s bigger problems in the world to worry about than what a town’s name is.”

“Turkey is ag-based. We’ve always been meat eaters.”

“I think I like the real turkey better.”

“I think I’ll stick to beef.”

“They can cook tofu on down the road as far as I’m concerned.”

“They’ve got their own right but don’t mess with Turkey.”

Here’s a hotlink to the video

UDDATE: Pork Barrel Barbecue sweetens the deal. Take the poll and vote for or against name change : There’s money riding on it y’all

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