We imagine the wizened, little old granny aunt moderator slowly shuffling her way to her Commodore 64 computer to type in the following email that we just got in our inbox

“We’re sorry you’ve been unable to respect our requests to adhere to our guidelines for bloggers. We’ve deactivated your account. If you think you’ll be able to respect our guidelines going forward, let us know and we’ll reactivate your account.

The Chowhound Team


For Those Who Live to Eat”

We’re not sure how long we were on the old Chowhound. We were there during the glory era of Jim Leff and remember when the layout was beyond primitive.

We were there long enough to put up a few hundred posts documenting our explorations of Holland, Turkey, Hungary, France, Slovakia, Austria and most of the Deep South.

We’ll have a few misty water colored memories of the old gal but for now our chests are swollen with pride.

To actually be deemed such a menace to the weal of a major corporation that our very presence can not be tolerated?

We’re thinking about popping the cork on that bottle of high dollar champagne we keep in the bottom of the fridge.

Thanks Chowhound. You made our whole weekend. https://twitter.com/#!/RLReevesJr

and check out Austin’s own Chowhoundjunior while you’re at it http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/11/20/Chowhoundjunior-Is-LIVE-We-Look-At-This-Weeks-Top-5-Posts-From-The-Austin-Chowhound-Board?adminview=true

and we’re amping up Austin Texas’ food forum presence over on Roadfood. We’ll be providing exclusive coverage of Austin Texas barbecue,Tex Mex and soul food over that way http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/11/19/The-Definitive-Public-Forum-For-The-Food-ObsessedWelcome-To-Roadfoodcom-Yall?adminview=true

Our favorite comment on the dustup came via one of our long time followers of this site “chowder” who had this to say:

“I love chowhound. I find it really useful. I’m not sure your being booted is any big loss to anyone.”

Thanks for following the site “chowder”

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