Blown away.

The first time we walked into Savory Spice shop we knew it was going to be a torrid affair. These gals are putting out world class, fresh spices in a town that’s gone wanting for far too long.

Pink salt to cure that pork belly you’ve developed a yen for? Za’atar to bone up on your Turkish soul food cooking?

The freshest ground peppers you’ve ever eaten in your life?

A wall of salts that stands testament to the might of the seas of our world?

Innumerable exotic seasonings from seemingly every country on earth?

As if that weren’t enough you can sample anything in the shop and the ladies running the joint act like they’re actually happy to have your business. Sadly, this is a notable point in Austin where customer service often comes with a snarl and kick to the backside.

We love Savory. When we read that Penzey’s opened an outlet in Austin we yawned. Why bother? We’ve got it good and we’re sticking with what we know.

One use for Savory

and another

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