Our man Mando Rayo over at Taco Journalism is reporting that Joe’s Bakery is raising money for poor folks in East Austin so that they may have a Thanksgiving meal at the Oswaldo A. B. Cantu Pan American Recreation Center on November 19th 2011.

This is a good cause. We love the Pan Am. Back when we were in the Mexican wrestling business this was our favorite venue. It’s an East Austin institution and has hosted some amazing events in its long history [ it dates back to 1942 ]. If you were around in Austin in the 1950s and liked boxing this is where the nexus for the sport was.

Joe’s Bakery is an East Austin institution as well. It opened in the 1940s and has been vending tacos and sweet treats to the neighborhood ever since. We’re partial to the carne guisada but they also put out a good plate of migas as well.

Read the attached flyer for details.

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