This could get ugly.

Austin Eastciders, a new cidery concern in town, is teaming up with Longbranch Inn to helm a keg of dynamite of a party this Thursday November 17th 2011.

Expect truncheon swinging members of Austin Police Department to wade into the fray, cracking skulls of would-be party-goers at Longbranch Inn. We’ll be sitting this one out. Austin is filled with ‘service with a snarl” barkeeps and doormen but Longbranch takes the cake for outright hostility. We’ve been looking forward to trying Austin Eastciders Gold Top fermented apple drink but not at this joint.

Free Franklin Barbecue and free alcohol?

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Wonder if Busy Bee, East Austin’s most famous bookie is taking any action on over/under for the crowd?

We’re guessing 5-600 and that’s keeping it good and low.

Please report back.

Event is from 7-9 pm

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