We’ll be burning the midnight oil gathering intel on Austin Texas pit boss Aaron Franklin’s New York City debut tonight at Hill Country Barbecue but for right now we could not resist putting up a quick picture snapped on the streets of New York by Mike Thelin over at http://www.boltedservices.com/ Love the wolfish grin. This was probably around the time Franklin announced to the owners of Hill Country that he’d slaughtered a steer out on Long Island and was going to build a fire in the alley behind Hill Country so he wouldn’t have to use their infernal, gas powered smoke chambers.

More later y’all.

extensive Franklin coverage right this way http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/search.cfm?search=franklin%20barbecue

Sietsema at Village Voice speaks online this morning “the blackened beef cuts turned out meltingly tender and smoky as hell, with a texture somewhere between brisket and pot roast. The flavor was unforgettable”

Sounds like Aaron got it right.

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