Vietnamese restaurants, whether they be on wheels or bound to the earth with brick and mortar, put lie to all other restaurant’s food pricing. Particularly the sandwiches.

We love banh mi. We eat it all over town on a weekly basis and have figured out Austin’s finest sources. One of the compelling reasons for this love is the fact that a good version is big, immensely satisfying and ridiculously inexpensive. That po-boy, grinder or sub that you paid ten dollars for at whatever white folks restaurant you favor? It’ll run you about $4 at a Viet-joint. And they’re hitting their margins too. You don’t have to ream out your customers by walloping them with a usurious charge for a sandwich. Just follow the Vietnamese business model and everybody will be happy.

Our visit to Saigon Street was brief. We had already powered through a brace of brisket/eggs breakfast tacos so a second lunch was out of the question.

But we do love that they’re keeping their pricing good and low-for the people.

A banh mi for instance will set you back $4.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried Saigon Street.

How was the food? Particularly the banh mi?

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