Sometimes Austin feels like it weighs a ton. The relentless pace of the city simply becomes too much and we have to break away from the town we love, if only for an evening or two.

That’s when we take a short trip up the highway to Pflugerville.

The tiny farming community 13 miles north of Austin provides all we need for an evening away from the throb of big city Austin. There’s great food [Nuernberg Brauhaus] an excellent bar crawl with 3 good joints within a block of each other [Hanover’s, Players, Red Rooster] and a general feel of camaraderie from the citizenry. Tomorrow Saturday November 12 2011 we’ll be attending the Pflugerville Pfall Chili Pfest in the historic downtown area.

This is a CASI sanctioned chili cook off so expect some strong bowls from a multitude of cook teams all of whom are chastened to provide a minimum of 2 gallons of chili for the public to sample.

Live music will be provided by “Unleashed” during the day and Two Tons Of Steel for the evening street dance.

Not in the mood for chili but love street food? Expect an array of hot dogs,barbecue, funnel cakes, caramel corn, curly potato fries, gyros, turkey legs, tamales, frito pie, shaved & Italian ice and baked goods.

With all the German ladies in Pflugerville we are trembling with excitement over the baked goods part of the equation as we know these gals to be expert in the kitchen as they [reportedly] are in the bedroom.

Party starts at 1pm and police officers wade into the crowd with truncheons swinging at around 10 pm.

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