Texas’ future as the premiere place on planet earth for barbecue is secure. Generations of young, would-be pit bosses are learning the art and science of Texas barbecue through classes at Texas A&M.

Jeff Savell, who holds a doctorate in Animal Science and Davey Griffin, an Extension meat specialist, are the men leading 20 students per semester into their future careers as hard living, leathery old barbecue joint workers. The romance and appeal of barbecue is at an all time high particularly in Austin where national media have descended on our city to fete our scene.

Are you ready to give up your Austin lifestyle of sleeping til noon, riding your fixie to Torchy’s for breakfast tacos then spending the rest of your afternoon drinking Lone Star on the patio at Rio Rita?

If you relocate to College Station you can learn the history, culture and techniques of smoking animals and converting them into delicious plates of food.

You may then parlay this skill set into a good career. A hard-working pit boss generally puts in about 90 hours a week. Every moment of it on his feet. At the end of their long day many of them ease the pain by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and ingesting all manners of recreational drugs.

It’s like being a chef.

Alternately you could apprentice at a barbecue joint and see if this lifestyle is one that you would like to embrace. Austin has dozens of barbecue restaurants with more opening all the time.

We are living in a golden era of Texas barbecue. While generations of Texans have eaten brisket and hot guts the level of interest in meat as a “scene” has never even approached what we’re seeing currently.

Hopefully the University of Texas will take a page out of A&M’s playbook and get a barbecue course going on the Forty Acres.

Professor Emeritus, John Mueller?

Associate professor, Aaron Franklin?

Dean, Edgar Black?

Have any of our readers participated in the Texas Barbecue class at A&M?

If so please share your experience.

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