In business since 1961, Wurstfest is one of the biggest parties Texas throws all year long. Tens of thousands of people descend on New Braunfels to eat meat on a stick, listen to accordion music and drink expensive beer.

We’ll be sitting this one out. Wurstfest concludes Sunday November 13th 2011

Determined to go? We are fascinated by one adjunct event. “Gone with the Wurst,” will be playing at the Circle Arts Theatre next to the Wurstfest grounds. The production is based on “Gone with the Wind,” with the main characters concerning themselves with Wurstfest, polka and sausage.

We’re not making this up.

Also, you may view Jerome Nowotny’s “World’s Largest Beer Bottle Collection.” which includes over 17,000 bottles of beer. Nowotny, donated the bottles to Wurstfest in 1982.

He’s quoted as saying “With every bottle, I can remember who I was with or where I was.”

That’s real talent. We can’t remember who we downed a 6 pack of Pearl with this afternoon so we bow to this man.

We’ve had lots of friends go to Wurstfest over the years and have heard tales both good and bad. If we get in the mood we’ll stage a simulacrum and never leave Austin.

Go to Lovejoy’s.

Drink lots of reasonably priced microbrew.

Stagger out the door.

Hit the Best Wurst food cart right down the street.

This version has far more appeal than pounding $25 pitchers of beer whilst surrounded by ten thousand tourists who leave their houses 2-3 times per year.

Have you been to Wurstfest?

Please relate your experience.

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