UPDATE! Hot Off The Twitter:2011 Tamales! Fest Winners: Chicken – Mayra Gonzalez, Pork – Maria Reyes, Wildcard – Courtney Stone (apple AND caramel tamal). Now onto the original article:

We eat a lot of tamales. Like most long term Austinites we have a secret source who vends them out of her kitchen on a dusty side street in South Austin. Met her through Big Mike the cabbie.

She’s solid Mexican gold and we would be lost without her.

Of course our favorite restaurant source; El Zunzal, fills in when we need to just sit down and have at it. Their tamal de elote is insane. Our southern neighbor San Antonio is throwing a tamale contest with a deadline for entry of November 10th 2011. We know that’s short notice but if you want to show and prove you might walk out of the River City with 10 c-notes tucked away in your purse.

Registration forms and contest rules can be downloaded from www.atpearl.com/tamales or are available at the Pearl Administrative Office. Registration forms must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 10. They can be submitted in person Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. ­ 5 p.m. or mailed to the Pearl Administrative Office, Full Goods Building, 200 East Grayson Street, Suite 210, San Antonio, TX 78215.

The categories are: Best Chicken Tamale, Best Pork Tamale and Best Wild Card/Unique Tamale.

We ran across this contest on www.savorsa.com

We have a deep love of San Antonio style Mexican food and this is a good source to stay abreast of their scene.

Good luck, report back if you’re brave enough to butt heads with that town’s tamale makers

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