We’ve longed championed Mr. Black’s barbecue as being the finest in Lockhart Texas. There was a time 20 or so years ago that we held Kreuz in the number 1 spot but those days have long since passed.

There’s something about the Cracker Barrel nature of the new Kreuz building that puts us on edge. We don’t like to eat in Wal Mart sized restaurants.

We’ve written about Black’s quite a bit over the years and if it wasn’t for R&G over in nearby McMahan then we’d go ahead and declare Black’s the finest in the whole of Caldwell County. Here are a few articles we’ve written about Black’s Barbecue:

A big pile of meat from Black’s

did Mr. Black travel to Kashmir, India once?

Black’s crowned king of sauce.

A picture

Black’s Barbecue sells 2.5 tons of meat per week

Black’s Barbecue springs into motion after the Texas wildfire

Black’s Barbecue on Chowpapi

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