With Los Altos suffering a temporary slip in quality we’ve been at loose ends for our dirt cheap, delicious, near French Place-Mexican food fix. We’re chuffed that Los Altos stays open til midnight and we’ve eaten dozens of good meals there but til they right the ship you’ll find us at La Fruta Feliz.

We’ve loved it for years. We loved it when it was just serving agua fresca, we loved it when we heard they were morphing into a taqueria and we loved the results of their transformation. Now that they’ve added chips and salsas we love them even more. This is where we go for sandia agua fresca [the best in town], goat tacos [the best in town] scratch corn tortillas [among the best in town] and homemade totopos with 2 salsas [among the best in town].

They also put out a painstakingly delicious take on the classic form of tostada for $2.50.

We’re still probing for flaws as is our wont, but at this moment La Fruta Feliz is breathing some mighty rarefied air over here on the East Austin Mexican front.

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