Cooking Channel’s Eat Street comes to Austin and gets it wrong. Andrew Zimmern comes to Austin and gets it wrong. USA Today comes to Austin and gets it wrong.

The national media are having a torrid affair with Austin,Texas. They send video teams, telegenic personalities and writers to town and they invariably get it wrong, wrong wrong.

Anthony Bourdain came to town and his sage advance team decided Perla would be a great place for him to feature on his No Reservations show. Perla is fine, we’ve had good meals there. It’s our favorite seafood restaurant in a town, rightly not known for its seafood. Maybe next time Bourdain hits Boston he can find a barbecue joint that’s doing a decent approximation of genuine Texas brisket but why bother?

Austin is on the national culinary map for a reason. We routinely knock it out of the park with a dizzying array of taco joints, barbecue houses and under the radar, to-the-moon outfits featuring everything from head cheese banh mi to chicken fried steak.

We have to wonder where these deep-pocketed advance teams are gathering their intel. Yelp? Where as we’ve said before many of their members write as though they’re recuperating from some sort of invasive, non-anesthetized, brain surgery.


We’re checking out Andrew Zimmerns Twitter feed right now and he’s been wasting a lot of belly space at places like Gourdoughs, Bits n Druthers and Pig Vicious.

Gimmicked up joints that we’d like to say have seen better days but those days never existed.

We’re tickled pink that he hit Odd Duck as it’s phenomenal but how about a visit to Three Little Pigs?

And how is that only Chow, out of the big time national outfits, saw fit to hit up El Taco Rico? Yolanda Cornejo is working on a level that the rest of the Mexican cooks in town can only dream.

Did Eat Street really go to Torchy’s Tacos? Come on Eat Street. That’s commissary Mexican food served on factory tortillas.

Taquera Maria up at La Canaria could make a better taco blindfolded and hobbled like a Mexican racehorse.

Austin’s food scene is on strong simmer and with Top Chef Texas episodes featuring our city about to air, it’s going to flat boil soon. Let’s hope the boring and mediocre places that are getting all the attention will be replaced by Austin’s incredible, under the radar, dynamos that are soldiering along quietly with almost no fanfare.

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