Our favorite steak house in Austin. While it’s true that we love Sugar’s businessman lunch special and you can’t beat their sub $5 top sirloin, ultimately our hearts are bound to the Hoffbrau.

We have a deep love of old things. Cars, motorcycles, people and yes, restaurants. We’ll trade points on everything food related for a few extra years of a joint’s existence. It’s getting hard to find a good wop salad in Austin. Hell, it’s getting hard to find a good wop in New Orleans. A recent lunch at Mandina’s on Canal found their version to be in fine form but a sprawling trip across the city found the form to be endangered.

We’ll pass the mike to our man Hazelhurst over on the chowhound board for a description of this glorious dish “It’s a basic Italian Salad with olives, anchovies, usually celery, peppers, hard cooked egg, tomato and a half-a-ton of garlic. Some places put cheese on it, some don’t”

Ok, The Hoffbrau doesn’t give you all this stuff but we maintain that their dressing alone qualifies their version as it’s a spot-on rendition of what you might find at Sid Mar’s, Rocky and Carlos or even Mandina’s.

Of course modern sensibilities demand that the word “wop” be removed from actual printed menus but the NOLA old timers still bandy the term about with elan.

The steaks at Hoffbrau are cooked on an antique flat top grill that’s worth a cool million dollars. Each steak must be served with a pint or so of butter and a heap of house cut potatoes.

As the blood and butter congeal you mash the homey potatoes into the slurry and intense deliciousness is at the ready.

We love this place.

You will sit in a metal folding chair and you will be sugar-babied by your waitress who will recite the menu to you upon arrival.

It doesn’t get any more old school Austin than Hoffbrau.

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