We’re not in the market for an Austin Food Tour. We’d love to meet a guide that could show us all our town’s secret spots but we’ve spent a lifetime finding them ourselves and could probably mentor a would be guide.

But we were intrigued when we found out there’s a local company taking Austin neophytes on guided, food bicycle tours. We’re not all in but we do reckon there’s a good market for it as our town has a brand new thousand or so citizens per month. Sounds like a gold mine. Maybe we should polish up the Econoline and start one of these companies ourselves.

Until that day comes though perhaps you could engage the folks at Austin Eats Food Tours as they offer bicycle tours every Sunday.

Their description of the tour is a bit cryptic with good reason. Why buy the cow if the milk is free?.

And this milk ain’t cheap, $69 gets you an “awesome culinary adventure that may hit parts of Barton Springs, South Lamar, South Congress, West Downtown, Central Downtown and possibly the Eastside.”

If that sounds like something you would enjoy hit the comments below for a hot link to their endeavor.

Also, any young’uns reading? This is off Austin Eats Food Tour’s Website

Q: Can I bring kids on the tour?
A: No offense, but kids are like pet grizzly bears- unpredictable. Teens are more volatile but we’ll give ’em a break. Tours ages 15+ please.

If you utilize this service please report back with all the dish on the places you visited.

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