It’s hard to believe but as it stands right now the good citizens of Kyle and Buda are honky tonk free. As per local ordinance, bars and nightclubs are forbidden. That seems a mite extreme. Even in small towns in Turkey there are plenty bars for a hardworking citizen to relax over an Efes Pilsner at the end of the workday.

We loved it over in those parts and were surprised at how hard the Muslims like to party when it comes time to blow some steam off. Maybe the politicos in Kyle and Buda can form a contingent and head over to Anatolia so the Turks can show them there’s nothing wrong with having a cold one at a local bar.

Neither Kyle nor Buda are completely dry, let’s call them moist. You can drink as long as you do it in a restaurant. The byzantine rules they follow are based on food/alcohol ratio. Sell too many Pearls and not enough chicken wings and somebody’s going to jail.

The Better Business for Hays Committee has been formed to address the issue. They’ve hired Texas Petition Strategies to come up with the framework to get the matter on a ballot.

We hope to welcome both towns into the 21st century some time next year

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