Update: Bar Louie was purchased by an affiliate of Sun Capital Group. We are in error on information presented below as to ownership. http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/11/21/Bar-Louie-Chain-Purchased-By-Affiliate-Of-Sun-Capital-Partners?adminview=true

In 1954 Austin, Texas finally got something the city had heard and read about but had never experienced before: escalators. These seemingly magical devices were installed in the Starr Building at 6th and Colorado in downtown.

One can imagine the sense of wonder people felt riding an escalator for the first time in that long ago era. We doubt that the new tenant of the building will evoke this feeling. Here’s a peek inside Bar Louie. We’ve heard they’ll be open sometime before the end of the year in the Starr Building so we figured we’d run by and take a look to see if any progress has been made on their construction.

It’s a good looking room with tons of glass and a good streetside location. Bar Louie is scattered across 18 states and lord knows how many cities.

We hear that they’re big in Skokie and no we’re not making that up.

The owner of the Bar Louie concept, Roger Greenfield continues to cut a controversial figure in his hometown of Chicago. His Restaurant Development Group is attempting to liquidate under federal bankruptcy protection.

Meanwhile, Bar Louie continues to operate under a separate aegis called Restaurants-America. It’s the 16th largest in USA in the restaurant division known as “multi-concept”. Something about that title has our hackles up.

Greenfield opened the first Bar Louie in Chicago in 1990 hard on the heels of filing personal bankruptcy in the late 80s. Sounds like the guy’s a hard charger.

Creditors are gunning for Greenfield over the Restaurant Development Group’s attempt to liquidate.

Records indicate the company is over 14 million in the hole with assets under 10k. Not pretty.

We’ll keep our readers abreast of Roger Greenfield’s legal battles in other states as he prepares to enter the Austin market.

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