Best season ever? It’s looking that way. We just got off the phone with 24 Diner and they will be hosting a watch party tomorrow night at their restaurant in conjunction with the airing of Top Chef Texas.

The 24 Diner phone answerer was very nice but had no information as to specials. The manager she queried also had no idea other than to say “call back tomorrow, maybe somebody will know then”.

Will do. Let’s hope Chef Andrew Curren gets a good crowd out tomorrow night at 24 Diner at 9pm.

Uchi and Uchiko are also hosting watch parties for their patrons to unite as one and cheer on Chef Paul Qui. The gal on the phone at Uchi said they expect a good crowd and hope everybody will come out to have some fun, get there early if you want to have a seat cause they expect it to go sro at some point.

They’re running their normal “social hour” menu which includes:

nigori 3

hot sake 3

kirin ichiban (12 oz.) 3

hugues beaulieu picpoul de pinet 6

as well as lots of food specials including the insanely delicious bacon steakie for $6.

We’re leaning towards Uchi as our viewing joint of choice but could be swayed if 24 Diner really pulls out all stops on their specials. We’ll update this post tomorrow and let y’all know more then.

Meanwhile Addie Broyles over at the Statesman will be hosting a live chat during the show at this gal is doing yeoman work keeping the daily paper relevant in these fast moving times in Austin. Check her out tomorrow night at 9pm as well.

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