Houston Chronicle’s Alison Cook’s kvetchings were duly noted when Top Chef opted out of doing any filming in the Rocket City for season 9 of the Emmy award winning show.

She must have had a case of the vapors when Austin’s preeminence was even more exaggerated by The City of the Violet Crown’s inclusion of 2 chefs from local restaurants. Austin 2.

Rest of state 0.

Ms. Cook lobbied passionately for Houston saying “San Antonio, Austin and Dallas simply can’t compare to the ethnic richness and interplay that are a hallmark of Houston restaurants”

Well, good thing the team behind Top Chef didn’t pay any attention to Cook as Austin is set to be featured prominently during the upcoming season whilst Houston languishes.

Now Patricia Rodriguez Terrell of the Fort Worth Star Telegram is getting in on the act. She can’t believe that Top Chef didn’t do any taping in Tarrant County.

That’s Fort Worth by the way.

She points out that Fort Worth has plenty star power in the form of celebrity chefs like Keith Hicks, from Ovation; Juan Rodriguez, from Reata; Terry Chandler, from Fred’s Texas Cafe; Lanny Lancarte, of Lanny’s and the Joe T’s family.


We’ve had some really good times in Fort Worth and love the city but Top Chef’s failure to go there for tapings came as no surprise in these quarters.

They also didn’t go to Laredo, Tyler or Beaumont. All fine towns with plenty to offer but we’re guessing they wanted to concentrate on the highlights of Texas: Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. The big 3.

Here’s our initial rebuttal to Alison Cook’s claims of Houston’s superiority. http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/7/11/Why-Alison-Cook-Is-Wrong-About-Austin-Not-Measuring-Up-To-Houston

all our Top Chef Texas articles here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Top-Chef-Texas

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