When it was announced that Neurosis were to perform at Fun Fun Fun Fest a few years back we knew we were all in. The Bay Area band has long been one of our favorites especially when we were still in our cider chugging/train hopping Mohican era.

It’s certainly true that Fun Fun has hosted countless other significant bands over the years and we’ve seen many of them but this is the show we’ll reflect over when we inevitably slip into our dotage. Austin Texas is set to host the now huge music festival at Auditorium Shores this weekend November 4,5 and 6th and rock fans who are also eating fans will be served, sometimes well and sometimes poorly, at the event. Here’s the food trailer line-up Austin’s Pizza-lousy but at least it’s cheap.

Austin Daily Press-hope they bring plenty baloney.

Aquarelle-It’ll be interesting to see kids in Jody Foster’s Army t-shirts walking around eating French street fare.

Black Sheep Lodge-Very good burgers and a kitchen that really knows its stuff.

Blue Ribbon BBQ-The hardest working woman in Taylor Texas will surely be part of this effort. Go Mopsie go.

Boomerang’s Pies-Not impressed but should do well with highly portable,middling food.

Chi’Lantro-Never been.

Crepe Crazy-Couldn’t tell you.

Frank-Too many horror stories coming out of this kitchen to even consider it.


Hey Cupcake!-We made better cupcakes when we were still running around with a slingshot in our backpockets.

Juiceland-Curly hair=curly thoughts

Kebabalicious-Took a Turk here once.The crew got real silent when they realized the jig was up.

Linda Chan’s-Never heard of her.

Lucky J’s-If they can keep from burning the chicken we’d at least consider it.

Mmmpanadas-Pretty damn good and a good price too.

The Parlor-Big ol dough bomb style pizza. Good when you’re about 10 Pearls in.

Snowie-We hope this is somehow affiliated with Snow’s out in Lexington but we doubt it.

Thai BBQ-We are intrigued.

Tiff’s Treats-Sometimes you don’t want to put the pipe down long enough to free yourself from the dorm room. This is who you call.

Progress Coffee-No excuses for coffee this bad to be served in Austin.But maybe they righted the ship. It’s been years.

Pitchfork Media are coming to town to go live during this event with a webcast if you’re too damn old and broke down to lead the circle pit anymore.

We’d love to get some reports on the party, particularly the food if any of our readers are planning on attending.

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