The counter worker has little interest in conversing. His eyes rest steadily off toward the horizon as we inquire as to what the provenance of the barbecue trailer is [Houston], who the pit boss is [a shadowy figure known only as Tony ] and what sort of wood is being burned [ oak]. It’s akin to a good old fashioned tooth pulling. More’s the pity. This isn’t the first recalcitrant barbecue worker we’ve ever run into and we don’t reckon it will be the last. We gear down and hit heavy Jimmy Olson mode when we realize the young man is not going to wax philosophic on the current state of Texas barbecue.

Which is red hot in case you haven’t noticed.

Rollin’ Smoke BBQ Chuckwagon is on the southwest corner of w.5th st. and Colorado, across from Kenichi. It’s a good looking trailer, nice and rustic with a handsome pit mounted to the side. The young gentleman worker mentions that they may go through as many as 3 briskets in a night so they’re not exactly setting the world on fire.

They do not make their own hot guts instead opting for a purveyor’s sausage. We’ll try to run by there soon and sample their wares. They are only open on the weekends.

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