These trannies are out to have a good time. It’s Halloween night in downtown Austin and anyone with even a passing familiarity with this holiday know this to be the night that our glorious city really likes to stretch out for an evening, let her hair down and have a good debauch.

Our time to shine.

We’re not sure what brought on the decision to start heaving shots of Jager laced with Tabasco down our gullet but maybe that’s what led us to Qua. It’s got to be one of the only reasons that could have any sort of validity. Either way.

The look of the night, for the gals anyway, was what we came to call “sexy Conan the Barbarian” lots of animal pelts fashioned into tiny bikinis with fur gaiters wrapped around their legs. Time was in Austin when lots of gals affected this look. But it was that they didn’t shave. Thankfully, those days appear to be gone as Gillette is making strong showings amongst our girl set these a days.

No more need to be said about our evening at Qua. We did it. We’re not proud of it. We’ll try to acquit ourselves more honorably next year.

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