Tony Yamanaka over on the food trailers Austin website is reporting that James Cunningham is bringing his Eat St. tv show to Austin Texas this week for a full schedule of shooting our town’s trailer community.

Here’s the location list. Call the trailers or keep abreast of filming if you’d like to be there when the cameras are rolling. MONDAY OCT 31: Lizzie’s Lunchbox

TUESDAY NOV 1: Gourdough’s

WEDS NOV 2: Regal Ravioli

THURS NOV 3: Ms P’s Electric cock

FRI NOV 4: Bits and Druthers

SAT NOV 5: Fresh off the Truck

We’re certain that they’re all fine choices but for the love of Pete how in the world do you come to Austin to shoot food trailers and not go to El Taco Rico? Yolanda Cornejo’s been at the top of the scene since she opened and we don’t see anybody plucking her from her roost any time soon.

Bits and Druthers is a fish and chips cart that gets their french fries out of freezer bags. We were really excited about this cart til we found out the “chef” can’t even be troubled to slice a potato.

We made one visit to Gourdough’s when they first opened and found it lackluster. In a city that prides itself on sourcing good quality ingredients you could taste the grade of goods here and it was low.

Check out Yamanaka’s site. This guy is crazy about food trucks and is sitting on a good little database over that way

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