We had ourselves a grand time right across the street from the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival today October 30th 2011. Like the kid in Jukebox Hero, the epic Foreigner song from a while back we couldn’t get a ticket…..it was a sold out show.

No matter, we lounged back, drank some Pearl Beer, listened to some Doug Sahm on our tape deck and ate a picnic lunch from Sam’s Barbecue and it was just like being there. Just like. At any rate the winners have been announced of this years festival. The people have spoken and we are here to report, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, that Franklin Barbecue won best brisket. We fantasized the last few days as to how deep Tootsie Tomanetz of the number 1 barbecue house in Texas; Snows, would reach into her bag of tricks to pull the brisket victory out but it was not to be.

Stanley’s Barbecue of Tyler Texas emerged from the fray with a victory in the pork ribs category. They also won out last year. We just may end up in Tyler fairly soon and Stanley’s is on our short list of barbecue in that area that we must try.

Louie Mueller Barbecue of Taylor Texas dusted off the pretenders in both beef ribs and hot guts walking away with a double victory. We’ve eaten here for years and know both of these offerings to be of the highest grade. No surprises there.

Anybody attend the party?

What was the best bite of food?

The worst?

all barbecue coverage http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

a longer narrative of the festival http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/?p=1275

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