In the Spring of 2010 two German ladies, a mother and her daughter, combined forces to open a small German cafe in Pflugerville [Farmerville] Texas. Sonya Vogt and Silke Dye proved to be a formidable team as the restaurant has been embraced by the little town 13 miles north of Austin. We always marvel at the large, bright blue illuminated sign that just reads POP as you ride down Dessau Road at night. This is where Nuernberg Brauhaus is located, in a tiny, non-descript office park in the northeastern part of the town.

Outside the restaurant is a small biergarten with a half a dozen pic nic tables and a fetching view of some nearby plains, inside, the restaurant is equally cozy with a handful of tables and a small bar area. The space
is all kinds of homey with beer steins, hats and all manners of German arcana hanging every which way. If nearby European Bistro is a stately and refined lady then Nuernberg Brauhaus is her floozy aunt who wears bright red lipstick and keeps a flask in her purse.

It’s a fun little scene. The menu is a salute to the building blocks of German cuisine: meat, cabbage and potatoes with all the sausages, pancakes and renditions of slaw that you could ever imagine.

This is hearty, rustic food best washed down with a good German beer like Köstritzer. We’ve racked our brains trying to think of a place in Austin that we could compare this cafe to and there simply is not one.

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