Public service time. We’ll be otherwise disposed when the University of Texas Longhorns begin duking it out with the state of New Mexico on the football field on August 31st so we’ll miss the shenanigans.

As will a lot of the UT faithful as there’s some sort of weird pissing contest going on between one group of rich businessmen and another group of rich businessmen over who shall be allowed to carry UT Football games on television in Austin.

We rolled around the internet for a bit and came up with a list of places for the Longhorn nation to rally around their team. Here it is: Posse East. 2900 Duval Austin, TX 78705-Sports crazy old timers bar right across from UT School of Engineering. Extremely friendly staff. We walked into the quick mart next door once and the Pakistani counter guy, who was half drunk said “the longhorns, they are hooking them yes” in as heavy an accent as you’re ever likely to hear. We still tell that story.

Tavern. 922 W 12th Street Austin TX-Haven’t been since we went into a diabetic coma after eating a hamburger there. The bun had a good pound of sugar in it.

The Ranch. 710 A West 6th Street Austin TX 78703 Big, nice bar across from Dogwood on w. 6th. Deserted most of the time.

Trudy’s. 409 W 30th Street Austin TX-Too many crackers hanging out over bad plates of Tex Mex plus generally incompetent management.

Abels on The Lake. 3825 Lake Austin Blvd Suite 203 Austin TX 78703-Not if you paid us.

and then there was the night University of Texas threw mascot Bevo on a smoker and served him at a party.

Just added!

BD Riley’s Pub 204 e.6th st. Expensive beer but a very credible take on fish and chips.

JP’s Java 2803 San Jacinto blvd a surprisingly good selection of draft beer and best coffee on UT’s campus, big patio, barbecue on game days

Third Base 1717 w.6th st. Never been but they’ve got the game

Brixton 1412 e.6th st. Never been but they’ve got the game

The Grand on Airport blvd just north of 45th st. Love it. It’s a pool hall and nicely shabby with good draft beer.

Boomerang’s, 3110 Guadalupe St.

EZ’s, 3918 N. Lamar Blvd.

Jalapeno Joes, 3211 Red River St.

Nomad Bar, 1211 Corona Drive

Waterloo Ice House, 1106 W. 38th St.

Double Dave’s Pizza 3000 Duval st.

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