We’re starting to get some good tips on food events through the site. Thanks y’all. In East Austin right now a young pig from local premium pork farm Richardson’s, is enjoying a bath of Sambal chile sauce, honey, orange juice, brown sugar, salt and star anise.

As the shoat relaxes in its brine Chef Raymond Tatum is mapping out his East Austin pig roast party in the parking lot of East End Wines. This Saturday October 29th 2011 at 5 pm the good cook will be wrestling the 50 pound creature off an oak and pecan fire where it slumbered for 12-14 hours over warm coals. We haven’t been to a pig roast since back in the spring so we are beyond excited at this prospect.

We ask Tatum and he replies yes to our query on whether there will be crispy skin available. One of the great simple luxuries in this world is a plate of crunchy pork cracklings or fried out pork fat with skin attached. This is one of the foods that compels us to visit western Louisiana’s boudin belt at least a couple times a year.

What’s a pig roast without a good starchy side? We figured chef would knock out an accompaniment and we weren’t off the mark. Buttermilk mashed potatoes with white pepper anyone? With a collard greens option too.

East Austin soul food never had it so good. We used to love to eat at the legendary Flo’s right across the street from 3 Little Pigs 15 or so years ago and while we miss the old girl we reckon Flo herself will be smiling down from heaven on this affair.

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