The Austin vegan community lost Iggi’s Texetarian earlier this year so let’s hope the herbivores of our city will unite and come together as one to support Arlo’s food truck, Austin’s newest entry into our burgeoning vegetarian community. The menu looks really good with all the normal sandwiches a pub or grill would serve like bacon cheeseburgers, chipotle burgers, bbq chicken burgers and chili cheese dogs. Of course these foods do not contain animal products but are constructed from seitan, soy and other non meats.

We love that Arlo’s is going to serve popcorn and throw a free refill in on the house. Cute.

We reckon Austin’s vegetarians have long been underserved so it’s good to see someone taking square aim at this market and trying to make a go of it.

Arlo’s will be located at e.6th st. and Onion.

They are not yet open however.

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