What if he would have chosen the field of barbecue instead of fine dining?

Raymond Tatum is one of Austin’s iconic chefs. When fine dining came to Austin in the 70s Tatum was the leader of the new school.

Now, nearly 40 years later Tatum is still working in the world of gourmet food, he’s just doing it a mite different. Instead of presiding over the kitchen at Jeffry’s or Backstage or any number of Austin’s gilded halls of high dollar cuisine, he’s quietly honing his chops from a trailer in East Austin. A recent bowl of posole made us wonder what sort of Mexican heritage this man has. Sitting at Three Little Pigs al fresco dining area with a warm Indian sun grazing the scene, we actually craned our neck to see if perhaps Tatum had shanghaid an elderly Latina from the neighborhood and had her in there cooking his hominy.

It was that damn good.

relevant http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/10/28/East-Austin-Soul-Food-Joint-Set-To-Throw-A-50lb-Pig-On-Their-Barbecue-PitParty-At-Three-Little-Pigs

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