We keep waiting for the hot headed John Mueller to launch a missile drop kick out of the window of his white hot barbecue trailer down in Bouldin Creek but apparently the man hasn’t had his buttons pushed just right, just yet.

The new John Mueller is going to be known as the barbecue Santa Claus if he’s not careful what with handing out free beer and having a “no standing in line” take out window and all.

That’s fine by us. The old anxious days of standing in line at the Manor Road location and wondering whether the cranky Taylor, Texas native was going to serve us the black and fatty we requested or just level a baleful glare our way are apparently gone. A recent lunch taken under a shade tree in the courtyard of the business found Mueller on top of his game. He’s come out of the chute good and hard, serving what we estimate to be Austin, Texas’ best brisket and hot guts sausage.

We do have distant memories of one Aaron Franklin’s beef being of this caliber but they are starting to fade as we haven’t managed to get fed since he moved into his new joint over on 11th street.

It’s on our path and we love the marketing strategy that’s brought on the epic lines but we can’t carve two hours out of our day for barbecue no matter how delicious the food.

With Franklin about to take a much earned respite from the game it will be interesting to see if Mueller can handle the crowds that are about to descend on his new operation. Something tells us the old pit boss will adapt. We see him stepping into the role of meat cutter at the new joint and it will be intriguing to see if he still wields a mean knife hand.

Austin is now in embarrassment of riches mode with 2 grade-A barbecue joints and another half dozen b-graders. Who’s been to Mueller’s new place? How was the output?

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